Notable Examples Of How We Can Start Saving The Environment

Even though the changes in the global climate are pretty much evident, some people still refuse to acknowledge the facts that our environment is in severe danger and that we need to take steps to protect it from further destruction. Our detrimental actions are affecting the planet in more ways than one, and air pollution, industrial waste, and many other similar side-effects of our activities are endangering the wildlife and the overall environment. That is why we need to be informed about the ways in which we can personally help the cause, and small steps can build up into a large-scale action, which can hopefully save the planet from the impending apocalypse.


Applying permaculture into our daily lives can be the perfect solution for protecting the planet, and this philosophical system can teach us a lot about the preservation of species and the efficient gardening methods. For example, Regenerative Leadership Institute, which was founded by Vladislav Davidzon is one of the leading schools in the modern-day permaculture world, and this Institute promotes sustainable living and a healthy lifestyle. PermacultureWhat this means is that the students of this course will gain practical knowledge on how to preserve energy, how to use renewable resources, how to apply intelligent agriculture into their backyard gardens, and so on. All in all, permaculture is a highly useful set of teachings and principles, and its benefits can significantly help you in leading a more fulfilled and healthier life.


As we all know, trees are the lungs of our planet, and that is why we need to decrease deforestation and promote the mass planting of new trees. Jungles and woods are highly valuable ecosystems, and they offer a broad range of benefits, which makes the protection of these habitats our top priority. Luckily, policymakers are starting to take notice, and they are willing to participate and promote the reforestation efforts. ReforestationFor instance, India recently broke the world record by planting as much as 50.4 million trees in just one day, and they managed to plant 80 different species at 60 different sites. Such initiatives will certainly leave a mark on the world of tomorrow, and that is why we should all follow their example.

Green Architecture

The available space in our urban areas is minuscule and it is getting smaller by the day, which makes it difficult to create parks and green areas in our crowded cities. That is why the principles of the so-called green architecture are immensely important. For example, vertical forests that are being built in Nanjing, China are an interesting concept of how we can adapt to the circumstances and still make the most out of our situation.

These particular vertical forests are actually high towers full of trees, plants, and shrubs, accompanied by all sorts of wildlife. The primary role of these buildings will be to produce oxygen and to filter dust, but they will also have an aesthetic, recreational, and even educational purpose.